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Screenshot_20190509-183655I am delighted to announce the launch of my FREE, Zero to 5k Ebook for 2019. Based on the highly successful “Zero to 5k” GOLD STANDARD PROGRAM launched earlier this year, this FREE 22 page Ebook is a goldmine of powerful information.

  • an outline 8 week program
  • sample detailed session plans to get you started
  • training advice
  • dietary advice
  • top tips
  • informative articles
  • all you need to get started on the Zero to 5k journey!

You can get your free, no-strings-attached copy today.

Simply use the contact page on this site.


If you want to start this journey right away we also have a very special offer our amazing GOLD STANDARD ZERO TO 5k MEMBERS PROGRAM.

See what Jacqueline said about it…

“I have always enjoyed games and swimming, but thought negative thoughts about running. However, I now go out on my own running and on holiday in Weymouth last weekend I ran along the esplanade. I actually enjoy it now, and running is a great way to see new places”

The GOLD STANDARD program gives you top level support to achieve your goals. Including…

  • 30 detailed session plans to take you step by step to that first or comeback 5k
  • Membership of our exclusive Facebook Group, “Zero to 5k” 2019 which will provide ongoing support and a forum to ask and answer questions about the program.
  • YouTube videos to support the program at my Zero to 5k 2019 YouTube channel
  • Easy to follow Strength and Conditioning workouts to supercharge your progress
  • A secret 3 minutes-a-day “hack” that will boost your immunity, promote recovery and accelerate weight loss
Running with your children or friends is an amazing experience. Join our program set them a great example and run with others!

Check out what some of our other 5k “graduates” said about the  GOLD STANDARD program…

Hi Kevin. Just to say completed my first ever park run this morning. Was beautiful in Dunloran Park and I surprised myself by finishing admittedly at the back of the pack. I also surprised myself by enjoying it and feeling ok afterwards. Thanks so much for all your encouragement and doing the plan. I couldn’t have done it without you.      SM, Tunbridge Wells, Kent.

Hi Kevin, Thank you very much for all the weekly posts to guide me through the programme 0-5K. I have completed 3 park runs and feel ready to do more. I have a couple of targets, not sure which to do first either get under 30 minutes for 5K or do a 10K? I think the main success of your programme was because it increased so gradually I didn’t realise it was becoming harder, even in the sleet in January. It is also so much simpler to follow than the couch to 5 online programme. I also need someone to tell me what to do or I would have stopped the programme, but it was also flexible enough to do in my own time rather than schedule a time with other people. Thanks😀 JC, Cranbrook, Kent.

Great program, easy to follow especially with the videos. I’m now increasing the distance and have the all clear for hills now so I can now run from home. Need to work on increasing the pace now. Thank you. AO, Hawkhurst, Kent.

I will guide you through the program with detailed session plans and supporting YouTube videos full of top tips and advice.

As you can see this GOLD STANDARD PROGRAM is as near as you will get to a guarantee of success. Just follow our step-by-step weekly session plans and you too can achieve these great results. We will motivate you and keep you going.

To complete such a program of 30 sessions with a Personal Coach would cost you hundreds of £/$s. The normal cost of the program is £/$ 49 however for a limited time only you can access all the benefits of the full program at a massive 50% discount for only £24.99 / $24.99. That’s like one cup of coffee a week for a full 10 week supported program! 

The program is worth many times what I’m asking you to pay but my mission is to get as many people running an loving it as possible. I want to make this accessible to all. If you pay for the program I guarantee you will be making one of the best investments in your own health and well-being that you will ever make. And here’s the bonus – you will be more committed to completing the program and your support will help me to continue to develop it and other programs for 10k, half-marathon and marathon and for triathlons. 

I’m 100% confident you will feel this program is worth every penny but just so you can feel fully assured I will offer a FULL REFUND IF YOU ARE NOT COMPLETELY SATISFIED! If for any reason you are not entirely happy at any stage we will give you full, no quibble 100% refund – what have you got to lose!

To sign up for membership of the GOLD STANDARD PROGRAM use the contact page on this site and we’ll send you the FREE Ebook and full details of the membership plan.

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